Packaging Data

There is no getting around from the fact that gathering packaging data can be a complex process.

Working out what packaging you handle, correctly gathering your packaging weights from suppliers, using that data to correctly identify what your packaging obligation is, and developing a comprehensive system in which to store that data is a daunting task to many obligated companies.
Getting your packaging data right is vital but understanding the more complex aspects of packaging data can be difficult. Some companies may not know where to begin when trying to gather packaging data or may be unaware of what of the packaging they handle is obligated or how to calculate their obligation.
By getting your packaging data right you will not only be compliant but will also save your company time, resource and finance further down the road. Envirovert can make this possible for you.

Let us at Envirovert help you by:

Carrying out sample weighing
The data you submit to the Environment Agency must be ‘as accurate as reasonably possible’. We can offer to visit you and weigh a selection of the packaging data you handle to ensure your company is legally compliant.

Contacting your suppliers directly for packaging weights
With many companies having anything from tens to hundreds and sometimes even thousands of suppliers contacting them for packaging weights and making sure you are dealing with the correct person can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. Let us deal with this for you using our great experience and know how. We can do this working within an agreed budget and time frame.

Calculating Your Obligation
We can help you calculate your obligation by explaining packing data to you, showing you what is required and showing you how to record your data.

Creating a Bespoke Data System for you
Once you have gathered your packaging data you will need a comprehensive system so you can store this information in a way that most benefits your company. We can design and manage a data system for you.